The Project

Transform deteriorating alleys on the western edge of San Francisco’s Mission District into appealing public open spaces.

Address our city’s pressing need for solutions to seasonal flooding and an overburdened sewer system.

Create safe bicycle and pedestrian routes, places for community gathering, and demonstration areas for urban ecology.

Stormwater Management

7,725 sf of impermeable asphalt paving will be replaced with permeable vehicle- and pedestrian-friendly pavers with retention zones that will hold stormwater, filter pollutants and allow runoff to percolate slowly into the ground.

Reclaimed Public Space

Thoughtful redesign of the roadbed will allow greater access to pedestrians and the opportunity to transform these utilitarian corridors into pockets of inviting green open space.

The Benefits

Recharge natural aquifers while keeping polluted stormwater out of drains that dump into the Bay.

Create usable open community spaces in the second most densely populated city in the U.S.

Increase non-vehicular use of the alleys, meet the City’s ADA standards, and introduce native plants that offer habitat for local birds, bats, butterflies and bees.

Promote a safe neighborhood by creating shared spaces for community gathering.

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